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These Are The Exact Times To Apply Lotion For Maximum Benefit

  Yes, there's a true hydration method. Here's how to get through the iciness without chipping, cracking, or peeling. The moment you get out of the bathe. "As soon as you get out of the bathe, moisture begins to depart your pores and skin via contact with the air," says Annie Chiu, MD, a superstar dermatologist in Manhattan Beach. She recommends making use of her body moisturizer inside five mins of showering to lock in her pores and skin's natural moisture. Try massaging Jergens Moist Skin Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil directly onto damp skin.   smarttechnofy Before your career. If you are exposing your skin to the factors (wind, pollution, UV rays), it needs more hydration, says Howard Sobel, MD, a New York-based dermatologist and founding father of DDF Skincare. Since your face might be the best location uncovered to bloodless climate, follow a moisturizing sunscreen like La Roche Posay Anthelios AOX.   smoothtechi As part of your bedtime ri

How to copy Dua Lipa's trendy blue-toned makeup

 We spoke with an expert to discover the keys to bringing the blue trend to your eyes with style. Do not miss it!

dua lipa makeup

Maria Clara

The color blue is back! The eyelids are dyed again in that vibrant color, so eighty and so intense. Word of Dua Lipa. Blue has become the favorite shade of many celebrities, and they have used it in their public appearances: smoky, flush with the lashes and even as eyeliner.  techqueer

The blue color is elegant, suggestive and timeless.

We fell in love with the latest beauty look the singer shared on her Instagram profile, so we spoke to an expert to find out how to recreate it at home in record time. Makeup artist Cristina Lobato reveals the infallible tips for wearing modern blue eyeshadows. Do not miss it!  digitalknowledgetoday

7 tips to make up with blue shadows

For light eyes and blonde hair, the makeup artist recommends opting for softer shades of blue: light blue, turquoise or light blue, reaching up to royal blue.  healthnutritionhints

For dark eyes and brown hair, the best option is to go for more intense and deeper blues: indigo, cobalt, navy blue, etc.  smartdiethealth

Prepare the eyelid with an eye primer to fix and enhance the color of the blue shadows.

Apply the lightest and brightest shades on the mobile eyelid, darken the outer part and the pelvis to give more depth. Mix the blue in the basin with a warmer complexion so that it blends in well and blends in with your eye makeup.  healthfitnesschampion

Important! Correct the dark circles area well, especially if they are bluish or purple.

If you are watching for a more natural eye makeup, opt for a blue with a matte finish. Avoid shimmer and shine so as not to have too festive makeup. You can add some metallic or glow shadow to the tear duct area to give it that touch of shine.  

You can incorporate blue into your makeup in subtle or bolder ways.

With metallic smoke or just adding a touch of color. Also, as many celebrities have shown, it can be used on eyeliner, flush with the lashes, on the waterline or on the lashes.

If you want to recreate that makeup, check out this Urban Decay palette. Electric blue, fuchsia pink, violet, electric violet and the brightest gold ... These shades are worthy of a star, are you ready to try them? With their velvety texture, these modular colors do not crack and last a long time. They can be yours for 23.99 euros.

Shadows of urban decay

Urban degradation

We also recommend the Dior 5 Couleurs Color Games Eyeshadow Palette. This is a limited edition of the iconic 5-color makeup palette with vibrant and subdued colors to create fun and joyful color combinations. These gloomy shades allow you to create a smokey effect or a fresh and energetic monochrome look - it's up to you! The pallet costs 63.99 euros. If you want to treat yourself, do not hesitate!

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