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These Are The Exact Times To Apply Lotion For Maximum Benefit

  Yes, there's a true hydration method. Here's how to get through the iciness without chipping, cracking, or peeling. The moment you get out of the bathe. "As soon as you get out of the bathe, moisture begins to depart your pores and skin via contact with the air," says Annie Chiu, MD, a superstar dermatologist in Manhattan Beach. She recommends making use of her body moisturizer inside five mins of showering to lock in her pores and skin's natural moisture. Try massaging Jergens Moist Skin Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil directly onto damp skin.   smarttechnofy Before your career. If you are exposing your skin to the factors (wind, pollution, UV rays), it needs more hydration, says Howard Sobel, MD, a New York-based dermatologist and founding father of DDF Skincare. Since your face might be the best location uncovered to bloodless climate, follow a moisturizing sunscreen like La Roche Posay Anthelios AOX.   smoothtechi As part of your bedtime ri

The ingredients you should use (and which not) to have incredible skin in summer

 What cosmetic and active ingredients are recommended at this time of year and which are not? Take note of this information!

We have already enjoyed midsummer and we can already notice how we are beginning to sunbathe although we have not yet made the obligatory visit to the beach. It is very vital to protect our skin from these high temperatures to avoid blemishes and even skin dehydration. In summer, more than at any time of the year, sunscreen is the best ally to prevent the effects of the sun on the skin. In these hot moments and when we take every opportunity to take advantage of these sun rays that leave us a healthier complexion, it is important to increase its frequency of use to avoid burns and prevent future damage to the skin. But do you know what other ingredients can help you and which can be harmful to your skin? Take notes!

AHA and BHA, best at a different time of year

This type of acidic ingredient has become a trend in recent years and more with the use of masks. AHAs (glycolic, mandelic, malic, azelaic and lactic acids among others) and BHAs (salicylic acid) will be familiar to you due to the number of cosmetics launched in the last year, from serums, creams to scrubs, and this is not surprising. for the results they have in helping acne and blemish prone skin. But in summer, they are not your best allies to keep the skin protected. With these ingredients we perform a chemical exfoliation, eliminating dead skin cells. During the rest of the year it can be an essential ingredient in any dressing table to eliminate fine lines, spots and imperfections, but with heat and UVA rays it is not recommended and less during the day. If they cannot be missed in your routine, try to apply them to your face less often and always at night.

Bet on antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential to prevent photoaging. They help us defend ourselves against free radicals, which are agents that affect the health of our skin every day, such as pollution, tobacco smoke, blue light, etc. To prevent some of the signs of aging caused by oxidative stress, it is essential to incorporate antioxidant ingredients into our daily routine and more so now that we take advantage of any time to spend it on the terrace of a bar or taking a walk.

Vitamin C: It is a powerful antioxidant that promotes collagen synthesis. This ingredient will brighten your face while helping to reduce any inflammation. We recommend the Bio Serum Vitamin C + E + Ferulic + Hyaluronic Nourishing Repair from Cosmetics Herbera: it contains 10% of Vitamin C in its most stable and least irritating form.


Retinol: this is another antioxidant ingredient that in recent years has also extended its application in cosmetics. It is an ingredient that will greatly improve skin texture, tighten pores, and help prevent premature aging. Retinol is best applied at night as it is photosensitive and degrades the sun and can cause irritation. If you want to benefit from the effects of this powerful ingredient, use it at night and remember to use sunscreen during the day.

Hyaluronic Acid: Although it is an acid,

 this ingredient will not harm your skin during the summer, its ability to retain moisture is more than 1000 times its weight and it will not clog pores, which means that it will provide deep hydration. time that will help you fight premature aging.

Green tea: It will become your perfect ally if you worry about excess fat and AHAs were not lacking in your daily life. Its great antioxidant and purifying power will help your skin look flawless and feel light and free of excess sebum. If you haven't tried FOREO's Green Tea Mask yet, this is the best option to remove acidic ingredients this summer.

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