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These Are The Exact Times To Apply Lotion For Maximum Benefit

  Yes, there's a true hydration method. Here's how to get through the iciness without chipping, cracking, or peeling. The moment you get out of the bathe. "As soon as you get out of the bathe, moisture begins to depart your pores and skin via contact with the air," says Annie Chiu, MD, a superstar dermatologist in Manhattan Beach. She recommends making use of her body moisturizer inside five mins of showering to lock in her pores and skin's natural moisture. Try massaging Jergens Moist Skin Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil directly onto damp skin.   smarttechnofy Before your career. If you are exposing your skin to the factors (wind, pollution, UV rays), it needs more hydration, says Howard Sobel, MD, a New York-based dermatologist and founding father of DDF Skincare. Since your face might be the best location uncovered to bloodless climate, follow a moisturizing sunscreen like La Roche Posay Anthelios AOX.   smoothtechi As part of your bedtime ri

World Skin Care Day: we debunk 6 myths about skincare


On the 5th, World Skin Care Day is celebrated, a date that aims to raise awareness in society about the care of the largest and most exposed organ of our body. However, there are a number of erroneous beliefs about skin care that can be harmful to our health.fashionbeautypalace

Is the best wrinkle cream the most expensive? The more cream you put on, the more hydrated you will be? We are debunking six myths about skin care to celebrate World Skin Care Day, a date that aims to raise awareness in society about caring for the largest and most exposed organ in our body.techgeeksblogger

For this reason, the director of R + D + i of The Essentials Cosmetics and expert in dermatology Anna Alocén disproves some of the most well-known myths about the skin and its care and explains what is the truth behind these statements:triotechdigital

"The best wrinkle cream is the most expensive"

Fake. What really makes a quality cream is the effectiveness of its assets, not its price. “Each brand decides the value of its products based on a series of parameters such as ingredients, packaging and advertising,” says Alocén, who adds that “what really matters are the assets used in the products. Products and their proper incorporation into the formula. so that, when the consumer applies it, the desired results are obtained ”.computertechreviews

"The more cream you apply, the more hydrated you will be"

Fake. No matter how dry your skin is, if you apply a very large amount of cream or cosmetic, the only thing that will be achieved is to saturate the skin and generate a rebound effect in which you will look dirtier and with clogged pores. "This is a way to waste product because it will not do its job and will be diluted in the amount of face wash," says the expert from The Essentials Cosmetics.gethealthandbeauty

For this reason, as recommended by Anna Alocén, it is better "to apply the products twice a day: once in the morning and once at night".

"All cosmetic active ingredients penetrate the skin"

Fake. It is vital to pay special attention to the active ingredients that make up the product to ensure that the chosen cosmetic contains the ideal components to satisfy a certain need. "Active ingredients help us meet a specific need for our skin, so it is essential to ensure that we are using the right active ingredient," explains the expert.

And not only, Alocén emphasizes that cosmetic brands must ensure the effectiveness of these assets. "As long as a product contains the correct asset, if it does not include the correct amount to fulfill its function, it will have no effect." If the molecules are not properly introduced or stored in the product, they may not penetrate the skin.

"You must choose your cosmetics according to your gender"

Fake. What must be taken into version when choosing a cosmetic is the type of skin and the needs of each person. And, despite the fact that men's skin is usually a bit more oily than women's, cosmetics are unisex because they will all address the same issues, especially those intended for oily skin. "Many cosmetic products sold by separate sexes are marketing problems," reveals Alocén.

"The skin gets used to the products after prolonged use and they stop working"

Fake. It is not a question of the skin getting used to it, but after a while with the same product there are no longer such drastic changes compared to the first use. And it doesn't have to be bad, it just means that the skin is better and you no longer have such pronounced problems.

In fact, Anna Alocén points out that many consumers stop using the products believing that the problem is over, when in reality it has not manifested itself because they "kept it at bay" with the patient, a good cosmetic. "The moment you stop using a product is when problems reappear, so if a cosmetic works for you, keep using it," she advises.

"The skin becomes more blocked if makeup is used daily"

It depends. This statement may be true if one of the most important steps in any beauty routine is not done: cleaning. "Not cleaning your face every day is one of the most common causes of clogging the pores of the skin, since it has a layer of makeup that acts as a plug and that in the long run can be problematic", explains the expert of The Essentials Cosmetics.

Even if no product was used that day, it is important to cleanse the skin to prevent other external factors, such as pollution or dirt, from clogging the pores on the face. "For a more thorough cleaning, too

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